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Railway Transportation

VL-EXPRESS LIMITED offers complete range of railway transportation services (export, import, transit) throughout the territories.

The company offers train cargo services of any tonnage containers (3, 5, 20, 24, 20′ and 40′), as well as wagons of any type. The company possess knowledge required for calculation of transport costs, route optimization, and calculation of rates and schemes of railway.

VL-EXPRESS LIMITED rail freight services:

Preliminary calculation of rates for railroad freight from station of departure to station of destination

Route and transport condition optimization, which helps us to make routs much shorter and less expensive

Complete documentary support of cargoes: submission of transport, shipping, customs and other documentation.

In the simplest terms, train freight itself is a commodity. Similar to physical commodities, such as automobile, manufacture or steel, when demand is higher than supply, the value of the commodity rises. Seasonal demand for commodities is also a key factor in calculating train freight rates. Because of changes in supply and demand, certain commodities become more expensive to ship during their peak seasons.