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An organizational culture of VL-EXPRESS LIMITED is relentlessly focused on finding unique solutions for our customers. The company understands and takes care of customers transportation needs and let them focus on their core competencies.

VL-EXPRESS LIMITED provides quality logistic service on the market, for each and every customer in case you have an enquiry, or an urgent question, our support is in time. The company is providing a professional logistic service for partners with the advantage of making it in time and setting the right terms of deliveries.


Our vision is to provide best possible services at best possible rates


Our vision is to become a customer-oriented logistic service provider and trusted partner in business activity.

What advantages makes us be your choice

Providing high quality transportation services to all of our clients.

Your cargo is safe with us

The company is working with dedication and great professionalism to serve the customers and its partners with the best possible service. Choosing our shipping services, we guarantee full satisfaction and reliable support at all times.


When minutes matter, trust VL-EXPRESS LIMITED for your time critical logistics. Maybe your business requires you to utilize time critical options from time to the time, or maybe you need them all the time. VL-EXPRESS LIMITED is designed to be flexible, and we have good partnerships that enable us to get anything you need across the world in the shortest time possible. Whether that means getting something across your city, across your country, or across an ocean, we can handle your time critical shipments in an expedited manner faster than anyone else in the industry, with better tracking to help your peace of mind the entire time.

The best routes for the best results.

VL-EXPRESS LIMITED’s time critical logistics services and shipments are the answer to your unique needs for time critical cargo. Thanks to our good partnerships with transportation companies, we have access to virtually any kind of aircraft or vehicle, including expedited air freight. This enables us to optimize routes for each and every shipment.

With these optimized routes available to us, we are consistently able to provide the fastest possible delivery times. We are able to combine our services, to ensure that your delivery is made on or ahead of schedule. When it comes to express services, our passion, commitment, and capability are unmatched.