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Airline Transportation


Air freight is an integral part of VL-EXPRESS LIMITED services. The company’s agents arrange cargo delivery to the airport in any country of the world including packaging service.

Direct contacts with air carriers and an extensive network of agents allow us organize air delivery to any place in the world at favorable cost of air freight.
VL-EXPRESS LIMITED air freight services policy is to provide convenient terms of air freight logistics alongside with flexible discounts for such type of services.

Air freight services

Delivery of any type of cargo weighing 1 kg and more
Door-to-door cargo delivery
Delivery of cargos as transit goods
Cargo packaging arrangements
Reserving vacant cargo capacities on the aircraft
Loading and unloading services, packaging
Qualified consulting on customs clearance issues
Freight forwarding and cargo tracking

The rates for air transportation are calculated according to the preferential rates of the airlines with regard to the terms of delivery.

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